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Satya Narayan Putul Natya Sanstha of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal is very popular and it has carried forward the tradition from old generations. This puppet theatre is operated by Rod so it is locally called 'Dung-er-Putul' (Rod Puppet). This Rod Puppet has its origin from this district and symbolizes traditional rural cultures.

Grandfather of Sri Nirapada Mondal Late Kangal Ch. Mondal founded the established and began stage performances in different places and thus he was successful in keeping alive our old heritage.

This establishment still continues its performance and now it is led by Sri Nirapada Mondal. Before him, his father Sri Haromoni Mondal performed on stage for about 30 years, but failed to attain much popularity due to lack of publicity and also for media like TV, Video that became a better mode of entertainment in the 1980's.

In this condition Sri Nirapada Mondal took responsibility of running the Rod Puppet. He started to implement new ideas to make Rod Puppet more popular and regain its lost glory. To gain more skills and technical expertise he attended many workshops organized by West Bengal Government. He also worked under the guidance of Padmashree Sri Suresh Dutta, Director of Calcutta Puppet Theatre. Sri Mondal participated as a artist in various states of countries and abroad as Nepal, Pakistan, Laous, Indonesia and Mayanmar. He was successful in making Rod Puppet popular with the help of modern science and technology. He was also awarded The National Scholarship in 1997 by Indian Government. His contributions in popularizing Rod Puppet are immense and commendable.

Objects and activities of Satya Narayan Putul Natya sanstha 


  • To develop, popularise and propagate the art of Puppetry in our country.
  • To run training centre in Puppetry for Young boys & girls of both sexes, despite caste and religion. Special training Program for hearing impaired and physically challenged personnel.
  • To organise teachers’ and students’ training programmers for all out development in both education  and general and specialized subjects in performance and allied arts.
  • To conduct, Summer Puppetry Workshop for children to guide their creative talents in performing arts.
  • To enthuse  the spirit of National Integration into the mind of the students through performing including allied arts.
  • To initiate the development of ideas of cultural heritage and the spirit of Nationalism amongst the children through intensive Culture and Value in Education.
  • Apart from different plays produced by the. Creative Production & Repertory Company works in close contact with research & documentation wing. This wing creates new styles and forms that suit the contents; Satyanarayan Putul Natya Sanstha Repertory Company regularly touring throughout the country with its production that includes also and group items organization. 
  • To inculcate moral, ethical, social and spiritual values and discipline among the school children.
  • To organize and conduct workshop and seminars in the various fields of Puppet Theatre  and allied art forms involving traditional and contemporary Puppetry.
  • To organise festivals at local, national & international level and to bring under one canopy the Puppetry artiste and groups. To exchange new thoughts and views for the development of Puppet Theatre.
  • To teach the children for moral values from our original script, viz, Veda, Upanishad, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc.
  • To construct its own building for setting up National Puppet Academy for training in the field of all sorts of traditional and contemporary Puppetry.


Activities :

A leading Puppet Theatre Group in South 24 Parganas  working for the promotion, development and propagation of Puppetry Art. Satyanarayan Putul Natya Sanstha is dedicated to work with the most rare Puppet theatre art of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal - Rod Puppetry, an art of heritage since a substantial period and committed to its development and reorientation. In past, people would depend on this Art as the media of amusement.

Every year Satyanarayan Putul Natya Sanstha produces a Puppet play that always adds a new dimension to this art. It has its credit in plays like the Harishchandra, Arannya Rodan, Raj laxmi, Biswajyee Vivekananda, Alibaba Etc.

Satyanarayan Putul Natya Sanstha  has always been trying its best to fulfill the objectives for which it stands and after starting its journey since 1935, it has been moving steadily with the following programmes and project.

As Puppetry is primarily based on physical language, SNPNS has arranged classes to educate young actors and actresses in physical and mental exercises relating to performance of Puppetry. We have special free training programme for hearing impaired at our training centre. 

S.N.P.N.S. conducts workshops   programmes from time to time at our centres in Kolkata and at different places in West Bengal  with the students and theatre workers of Schools and different cultural organisations.

Satyanarayan Putul Natya Sanstha is on the way to  implement the project titled ‘Culture & Values in Education through Performing Arts’. It had so far conducted the programme in about 10/12 schools and other institutes involving more than 1000 students including the street children. This project has been marked as an ideal for mental and cultural development of children.

S.N.P.N.S. conducts research, survey and documentation work in various traditional and folk art forms to enrich the art of mime & Puppetry with the financial help of the Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India.

S.N.P.N.S. does lot of experiments and produces plays and feature items for public performances. It has received recognition and appreciation from all over India.

Satya Narayan Putul Natya Sanstha organized a Puppet Theatre Festival based on Swami Vivekananda at Jiban Mondal Hat, Joynagar, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal in the year 2012-13.


Our successfull productions :

Raja Harischandra 

(Synopsis of the Puppet Drama)

King of  Ayodhya took the responsibility of saving the door of  ‘Tri-Vidya obligation’ and he had to set free the prisoners unknowingly. He was compelled to donated his region for the anger of saint as a result of it he want to Kashi with his wife and children to pay the money of the charitable work even at last he was sold himself to the dome and took the responsibility to burn the dead body in the crematorium. On the other hand queen took the work of maid servant in the house of the Brahmin. His son, Rohitaswya was killed by snake bite at the time of plucking flowers for the work ship of the Brahmin of that same house. Taking her dead son on her breast queen Saibya was presented infront of Harischandra in the crematorium. Viswamitra was also appeared there to set free the kind Harischandra  for expiation. The great saint had saved the life of Rohitaswya and returning the regions of Harischandra  had taken good-bye for ever for re-salvation.


Arannya Rodan 

Synopsis of  ‘ARANNYA RODAN’

(Crying of Forests)

The main subject matter of this Drama is to keep maintaining of equilibrium of environmental affection. The plants are very important in the Animal Kingdom.  The forests are a natural creation. Even in the forests, different trees, Plants, Beasts are gifted by God and they live and cooperate for helping each other.

On the one side, the villains are vacating the forests by cutting trees and plants. On the other side, they kill birds, beasts and sell various items made out from their dead skins in the high-priced markets. 

Responding to the awful affect the different animals united themselves in revolt. 

Therefore, in the last episode of the play, they approached to protect extremely following the moral of against the villains. ‘UNITY IS STRENGTH’


Raj laxmi

A Synopsis  of Puppet Drama 

The puppet drama ‘Raj Laxmi’ is the based on the great epic of Ramayana. This episode of the last part of Ramayana. Now Ram Chandra  is a great king of Auyodha. Seeta was being banishment by the judgment of her husband king Ramchandra. Seeta is an ideal mother. She lives here in a hermitage with her twin sons Lava and Kush like any other mother living and poverty. We can be released from her instance that no royal splendor is required  to groom a child ideally living in a cottage even she has instilled an eagerness for learning and many other human qualities in her sons Lava and Kush. 

The dedicated horse of lord Ram Chandra when reaches the hermitage of Valmiki and is captured by Lava and Kush.  The king men ask them to set the horse free and demand their loyalty. But twin brothers refuse and prefer even a war against them. Two young boys defeat the great kings RamChandra.

Seeta  moves into  the netherworld and merges with the motherland. 

The  mother and motherland are superior to haven  the kingdom of God even.


Biswajyee Vivekananda          

Synopsis of the Puppet Play 

This play is based on the life of Swami Vivekananda with focusing on his leadership in making Ramakrishnna Sangha as India’s one of the foremost social organization. His philosophy was based on practical Vedanta. Swamiji said Uttithata Jagrata Prapobaran Nibodhata- “Awake arise till not reach the goal.” 

His main focus was in education for children and women in our country. He believed that education should be value based and which helps in building character. He said that if children cannot afford to come to school, the teacher should go the paddy field where they work with their parents as their helping hands. Health, he opined, was a very important factor for development of any nation. 

He suggested that, religion cannot be preached in an empty stomach. He said Jeebe prem kare jei jan sei jan sebichhe Ishwar. “Give your love towards all human beings; it will be worshiping God as well.”

Swamiji wanted that youth should be free from all kinds of bad habits ill practice. 

Swami Vivekananda with his foresight, wisdom and love for human kind, served our society through various activities of Ramkrishna Mission for people in distress, sick and poor. Wherever in our country, people suffers from natural calamities- Ramkrishna Mission is the first organisation to reach and extend their helping hands.  

This play is our tribute to this great leader and philanthropist of this world on the occasion of 150th of his birth centenary year.



Synopsis of  Puppet Play 

The real story of this puppet play has been collected from original Arabic Fables.  This puppet story is made  of the subject matter based on simplicity, humbleness, labour, truth and greedilessness. 

Here Alibaba found out a huge among of secret wealth earned by forty numbers of dacoit from Arab by dint of his simplicity, humility, honesty. He was not at all a greedy fellow. So the influence of this secret wealth never ruined him. He gathered wealth just up to his requirement but not more.

On the other hand other character Kasem was bent on jealousness to  ruin himself.

The theme of this puppet playis a hearthfelt compact containing song, dance, conversation of well-defined technique displayed on silver screen and it will generally produce cheerful entertainment as well as a moral  “Truth is the best wealth”  by which man can be influenced so far.                          


Name of Artists of Satya Narayan Putul Natya sanstha


Provanjan Bairagi, Krishnapada Mondal, Bishnupada Mondal, Murari Mohan Mondal, Modhu Sudan Mondal, Sukanta Naskar, Radhyashyam Sardar, Partha Pratim Mondal, Tapas Kumar Karmokar, Chand Baidya  and Swapan Kumar Naskar.

Light Designer  : Gautam Halder (Bismilla Khan Awarded) 

Light & Sound operator : Gour Bairagi, 

Helper : Syampada  Bairagi


Padmashree Suresh Dutta, Director, Calcutta Puppet   Theatre  &   Nazibul Islam Mondal,  Editor, “Samakaler Jiyan Kathi”, Asoke Kumar Sarker & Rema Sarkar.


Participation of the following Mass Awareness Projects :

By the inspiration of Government & non-Governmental Organisations, there are series of awareness social programmes   involving the following views already performed in different celebrations in Bengal -

  • AIDS


Book Published : “Putul Naacher  Itihas Annyesha”, A book on research  on Traditional & contemporary Indian & World Puppetry.



Attending the prestigious performances as follows :


1990  Traditional Puppet Festival at Nadia(W.B.) Organized by I&C.A and E.Z.C.C.

1997  National Puppet  Festival at DiamondHarbar (W.B) Organized by I&C.A. and S.N.A.

1998-99   National Puppet Festival    in Kolkata by   Calcutta Puppet Theatre

2003  PutulJatra Utsav in New Delhi  organized by   S.N.A.

2010 National Puppet Festival in New Delhi organized by     Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts(IGNCA).

2011 National Puppet Festival in Guwahati, Shillong, Izawl Silchar, Agartala Organized by S.N.A


Internationally, we have represented ourselves as Artistes for demonstration of Traditional puppets abroad like Pakistan (1996), Laos, Indonesia & Mayanmar (2008) in  respect of  display meant for  traditional puppet shows in joint venture with Padmashree Suresh Dutta (A legend Puppeteer).



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